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My name is Przemek, and I am a JavaScript developer. Besides that, I am interested in the Agile movement - certified me as a Professional Scrum Master.

I use JS mostly to implement a user interface in web applications. On the other hand, from time to time, I write some backend code in node.js.

Sometime ago I kept here info that I know well the MV* pattern (my master thesis was about "MVC frameworks for JavaScript"), but it is probably passe right now, isn't it? 🤔 On a daily basis, I use React with Redux. I also wrote a lot of code in Backbone.js. In general - I think of frameworks as tools. If you have good knowledge of programming language, you can write in any framework after some time of introduction.

After work, I like to play the guitars (bass, electric, acoustic) and drums (electronic). You can check the outcome on my SoundCloud channel. From time to time I like to play video games, especially Fifa from EA Sports 😜

Come later and check this site for more detailed bio and CV (work in progress).






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